Warm Alpaca Socks - Hikers Care Package

Happy Trails To You Hikers Care Package

Happy Trails will become a reality with this hiker's care package.

Our Happy Trails care package comes in a 9 x 6½ x 2¾" mailing box and contains the following:

  • Your choice of our popular Maximus socks
  • Moleskin to avoid future blisters
  • Blister Cushions to comfort current blisters
  • Healing Ointment to take care of past blisters
  • SPFRx Lip Balm to protect lips
  • Health Warrior Chia Bar to fuel the march
  • Individual Advil packets for sore muscles
  • MediChoice body lotion to keep skin hydrated
  • And a note and explanation of the package from Max&Pen with space for a personal custom message

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single foot step and this kit has a hiker's feet covered!

Maximus Sock Choice: