Warm Alpaca Socks - High Heel Woman's Care Package

What the (high) HEEL was I thinking? Care Package

Don't let that big night on the town cost you several nights for recovery.  As soon as practical ditch those achilles assassins and slip on our Maximus socks.

Our What the Heel care package comes in a 9 x 6½ x 2¾" mailing box and contains the following:

  • Your choice of our popular Maximus socks
  • Moleskin to avoid future blisters
  • Blister Cushions to comfort current blisters
  • Healing Ointment to take care of past blisters
  • Individual Advil packets for sore muscles
  • J.R. Watkins Peppermint Foot Cream to revive dry, aching feet
  • Epsom Salt to renew skin and relieve cramps
  • And a note and explanation of the package from Max&Pen with space for a personal custom message

Bust the blisters and avoid post red carpet blues with this smart care package kit.

Maximus Sock Choice: