University Health Care aka 'MamaCare' Package

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The hardest thing about going off to college is not leaving mom, it's leaving mom's care when you get sick.  Our University Health Care Package has sick college kids covered.

Our University Health Care Package comes in a 9 x 6½ x 2¾" mailing box and contains the following:

  • Your choice of our popular Maximus socks
  • Kleenex tissue packets for a nose gone awry
  • Individual packages of Advil for aches
  • Theraflu to conquer the cold
  • Vicks Vapor Rub for the ability to breathe
  • Fisherman's Friend Drops to soothe throats
  • New toothbrush to replace the old, sickly one
  • Note and explanation of the package with a personal custom message 

With no sarcasm, we say 'Thanks Mama!'