Warm Alpaca Socks - Chemo Care Package

Chemo-Sabe Care Package

Every good ranger has a Tonto at his side when the going gets tough.  There's no need to be a Lone Ranger as you undergo cancer treatment thanks to our Chemo-Sabe Care Package. 

Our Chemo-Sabe Care Package comes in a 9 x 6½ x 2¾" mailing box and contains the following:

  • Your choice of our popular Maximus socks
  • Biotene mouthwash to combat dry mouth
  • SPFRx lip balm to reduce chapping
  • Bee Bald Refresh Wipes to comfort the scalp
  • Queasy Natural Drops to counteract nausea
  • Medichoice Lotion to hydrate skin
  • And a note and explanation of the package from Max&Pen with space for a personal custom message 

To that we say, 'Hi Yo, cancer: AWAY!'

Maximus Sock Choice: