In the spring of 2016 we decided to do something we hadn't done in four years,breed some alpacas. We weren't the only ones rusty! Of the three females we bred only one was actually jiggy with it, the other two remaining aloof to their prospective mates. We were rewarded this spring with a beautiful baby girl whom we named LUNA. I know what you are thinking- we named her LUNA because the moon was about to eclipse the sun and cast Starlight's world into darkness. That would be wrong. She was named LUNA after our four grandchildren, who spent a considerable amount of time with us at the ranch this summer helping to care for LUNA and the other alpacas. The name LUNA is sort of an acronym for our grandchildren if an acronym can be based on the second letter of their names: ELAN  RUBY  INDIO  MARIN 

The fact that she arrived about the time of a solar eclipse may be coincidental, or perhaps some of the same Northeast Missouri magic that saw Mark Twain coming in and going out with Haley's comet is at play.