Who We Are

Bernie Rothrock 
Ranch Manager and co-conspirator of Starlight Alpaca on Shopify

I have been ranch manager at Starlight for the last eight years. I retired from teaching and coaching at a nearby town, lured by the promises of all the poop I could scoop by my wife's sister and her husband who had started Starlight two years before and were in need of a ranch manager. I was joining my brother-in -law, Tom and another brother-in-law, Lew in the operations of the ranch. About three years ago Lew and I began home brewing at the ranch and I launched ALPACA WIZ, my private label of home brewed beer. Between scooping poop, dodging spit, and drinking ALPACA WIZ, I think I have all the alpaca bases covered.


Drew Rothrock
Manager of Canadian Fulfillment Center and co-conspirator of Starlight Alpaca on Shopify

Drew studied computer animation at DePaul University for six years, not realizing that you could actually graduate. He met his partner, Ryan, on line so all the time he spent studying computers and researching on-line gaming paid off handsomely. Drew hates cold weather so we were shocked when he decided to attend college in Chicago and even more so when he got married and moved to Ottawa, Canada.


Ryan Corkum
Shopify Liasion and co-conspirator of Starlight Alpaca on Shopify

Ryan is the brains behind the Starlight Alpaca/ Shopify operations, which is seemingly contradicted by the fact that he chose to marry into the Starlight Alpaca Ranch family and chooses to live in Ottawa. Fortunately alpaca products are the warmest and most luxuriously soft items you can put next to your skin and winters in Ottawa are our proving ground. Ryan has personally tested all our products, many at the same time, and is still 98.6 F/ 37 C.