Spring Has Sprung

It is as inevitable as the greening of the grass, the blossoming of the fruit trees, and the warming of the days. Yes spring has arrived at Starlight Alpaca Ranch, but more importantly shearing time has also arrived.  Maximus, Penelope and the rest of the alpacas are enjoying their days outside grazing on new shoots of grass, but unbeknownst to them the dirty deed is fixing to be done. In about two weeks the herd will be subjected to an alpaca’s worst nightmare, being shorn. It doesn’t hurt, contrary to what they will tell you during the deed, but for their safety they are tied around the ankles and stretched out on the floor. Taking away an alpaca’s main defense, the ability to run, renders them helpless and some will whine and cry while others will spit, and/or shit and/or pee to insure you are fully aware of their anxiety. Five minutes later they are shorn, feeling the breeze, and back to what they do best- growing fiber.