Why Max & Pen?

Why Maximus and Penelope?

It’s all about the fiber.

In 1994 the first of the Peruvian Accoyo alpacas were imported to the United States. These were the finest of the Macho lineage bred by the best of the breeders in Peru, Don Julio Barreda at Estancia Accoyo near Macusani. Don Julio sent several of his best herdsires to the United States as his “calling card”, so people would always remember the Accoyo name. His favorite herdsire was Caligula, and he served well as Don Julio’s calling card, producing over 200 offspring, many who became champions at the biggest shows in the US. Today Accoyo is synonymous with excellence in the alpaca world. Accoyos are a larger, more massive alpaca with extremely dense and fine fiber, the result of decades of selective breeding by Don Julio. Maximus is the great grandson of Caligula and is a fine example of his Accoyo lineage. Maximus is Latin for greatest and he earned his name at birth by tipping the scales at 23 pounds when the average was 14 to 16 pounds. He has a very dense coat of fiber similar in density to a berber rug and it is very fine and well crimped. He is the alpaha male of our herd and is our “calling card” 

Penelope is our diva. She is one of the finest black alpacas we have produced. With the center of the alpaca trade concentrated in Peru and the big fiber buyers in the UK, color was almost breed out of the herds. The buyers wanted white fiber so that it could be dyed, and the breeders complied by selectively breeding for white color and larger animals for higher yields. Before long the 22 natural colors of alpaca fiber were in jeopardy of becoming one- white. In the original US imports, there was a noticeable difference in the quality of the white fibered alpacas and those of color. But gradually the breeding of dark fibered alpacas has closed the gap. She also earned her name at birth. With dark fiber so exceptional, we named her Penelope, derived from the Greek word for “weaver”, thinking of how much her black, soft, fine fiber would be in demand by fiber enthusiasts.

When you purchase Maximus and Penelope socks you are benefitting from decades of research and development resulting in the finest fiber in the world. Your toes will thank you.