Breathable. Hypoallergenic. Ridiculously Warm.

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Alpacas have elite fiber that is five times warmer than sheep’s wool and soft to the touch like cashmere. The products made from alpaca are beginning to be appreciated for their awesomeness.

We have operated a small ranch store for over ten years, have sold product at area fairs and festivals, and through these endeavors an almost cult-like following has developed. If I had a nickel for every time a person pointed down to their feet and told me they were wearing their alpaca socks, I could probably really retire. The number of repeat buyers is staggering.

We now are reaching out to bring our world of alpaca products to your world through our online store.

I always used to double up on socks when I went out into the cold weather - even with socks that are supposedly designed to be warm - but with these socks, a single pair keeps my feet perfectly warm, comfortable, and dry. The pair I bought last year has held up great and I just ordered some more to give as gifts.

Brendan - December 12, 2016

I got one pair for my Mother over the holidays. When she loved them, I got 2 more pairs. Then, more family members chimed in and here I am buying more and more! They love it--it keeps their feet warm and snuggly in the cold winters. They truly are quality.

Michael G - January 13, 2016

These socks absolutely love up to the hype. I'd been dealing with cold feet in my regular socks this season so I thought I'd give these a try. Now I feel like my feet are wrapped up in a warm blanket all the time.

I also have annoyingly sweaty feet but these manage to keep them feeling dry and don't soak through like my normal socks. Five stars.

Don - January 20, 2016

I was skeptical at first but decided to give these socks a try. They are definitely a world of difference from regular cotton socks and more comfortable than wool socks. They do their duty at keeping your feet warm. The quality seems to be extremely good and the shipping was fast.

Dan - January 15th, 2016